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Reading Vocabulary Writing
Article/editorial reading and responding 14Brain Games for Review 26Article/editorial reading and responding 14
Brain Games for Review 26Concept Building 2Brain Games for Review 26
CC Resources at a Glance 51Contextual Redefinition 16Building Classroom Community 31
Close Reading 48Cornell Note-Taking 3Building Community 30
Collaborative Pairs 39Games to Motivate 43Celebrating Who We Are 37
Concept Building 2How to Start the School Year 45Cooperative Learning 42
Cooperative Learning 42Imaging 27Cornell Note-Taking 3
Cornell Note-Taking 3Introduction to NEPF 53Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum 28
Creative Book Reports 40List/group/label vocab activity 35Cubing 4
Critical Stance 32Round Robin 8How to Start the School Year 45
Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum 28Standard 1 NEPF 54Imaging 27
Cubing 4Standard 2 NEPF 55Interactive Lecture 19
Games for Motivation 43Standard 4 NEPF 57Introduction to NEPF 53
Games to Motivate 43Standard 5 NEPF 58Journals 11
How to Analyze NonfictionUnderstanding NEPF--Standard 3Motivating Students 41
How to Start the School Year 45Vocabulary 15Multigenre Writing 44
Imaging 27Vocabulary Cards 6Peer Reading and Summarizing 13
Introduction to NEPF 53Vocabulary-pre-reading 35R.A.F.T. 7
Marking Test 24Word Family Tree 17Reflective Learning 22
Motivating Students 41 Response Groups 34
Peer Reading and Summarizing 13 Round Robin 8
Question and Answer Relationship 18 Sentence Combining 33
Reading Aloud 9 Simple Summaries 5
Reading Test Taking Tips 38 Standard 1 NEPF 54
Reading with Rigor and Relevance 47 Standard 2 NEPF 55
Reciprocal Teaching 21 Standard 4 NEPF 57
Scaffolded Reading Experience 23 Standard 5 NEPF 58
SQ3R and Math Variation 10 The Power of Formative Assessment 52
Standard 1 NEPF 54 Understanding NEPF--Standard 3
Standard 2 NEPF 55 Writing for Precision 12
Standard 4 NEPF 57  
Standard 5 NEPF 58  
Test Taking Tips for Reading Exams 24  
Text Dependent Questions 50  
Text Preview and Prediction 20  
The Power of Formative Assessment 52  
Think-Alouds 1  
Understanding NEPF--Standard 3  
Understanding Text Complexity within CCSS 46