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Leaflit March 2014 Technology
Leaflit February 2014 Close Reading
LeafLIT Jan2014 Vocabulary
LeafLIT Text Complexity Nov/Dec 2013
LeafLIT Oct2013
LeafLIT 2012 March April
LeafLIT 2012 January February
LeafLIT Nov./Dec. 11-Writing in the Common Core
LeafLIT Sept./Oct. 11-Common Core State Standards
LeafLIT April/May 11-Friendly Letters
LeafLIT Jan./Feb. 11-Expository Writing
LeafLIT Nov./Dec.11-Narrative Writing
LeafLIT-Sept/Oct 10-Imagery
LeafLIT-April 10-Poetry
LeafLIT-May 10-Summer Reading
LeafLIT-March 10-Comprehension
LeafLIT-Feb. 10-Vocabulary
LeafLIT-Jan. 10-Fluency
LeafLIT-Nov. 09-Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
LeafLIT-Oct. 09-Writing Instruction
LeafLIT-Sept. 09-Assessment
LeafLIT-May 09-Summer Reading
LeafLIT-April 09-Poetry
LeafLIT-March 09-Non-Fiction Reading and Writing
LeafLIT-Feb. 09-Nevada Reading Week
LeafLIT-Jan. 09-Constructed Response
LeafLIT-Nov. 08-Balancing Best Practices and Testing Requirements
LeafLIT-Oct. 08-Backward Assessment Model
LeafLIT-Sept. 08-ELA Standards
LeafLIT-June 08-Summer Reading
LeafLIT-May 08-Music in the Classroom
LeafLIT-April 08-Content Integration
LeafLIT-March 08-Non-Fiction Text Structures
LeafLIT-Feb. 08-Asking Questions
LeafLIT-Jan. 08-ELL
LeafLIT-Dec. 07-Differentiation in the Classroom
LeafLIT-Nov. 07-Writing Traits
LeafLIT-Oct. 07-Small Group Instruction
LeafLIT-June 07-Fluency
LeafLIT-May 07-Personal Narrative Writing
LeafLIT-May 07-Non-Fiction
LeafLIT-March 07-Comprehension
LeafLIT-Oct. 06-Guided Reading
LeafLIT-Sept. 06-Six Dimensions of Literacy
LeafLIT-June 06-Vocabulary and Comprehension with ELL
LeafLIT-March 06-Content Area Writing